The Apple TV is basically a very interesting device than its earlier predecessor. This Apple TV is a small box that would connect to the TV through the HDMI port. The Apple TV would provide you the ability of watching any streaming services on to your TV through internet connection. It also has a feature of mirroring the screen from where you need the content for example, iPad, Mac or an iPhone and on to your TV set. The Apple TV was launched around two years back but soon it lacked some important features even after having some worthy interface. But in the coming modes, Apple addressed most of the technical limitations which were there in the predecessor.

Though you may not call it as a good alternative for cable TV but surely it has some good content which you can watch on your TV. For making use of Apple TV, you would need to have a good internet connection. Connect the Apple TV on to your Wi-Fi service. or to the router through an Ethernet connection. This should not take time as long as you have a good internet connection. Let us have a look at few of the features of the recent Apple TV.

Supports 4K: The predecessors were unable to handle the 4K resolution video. This was during the time when most of the households had TV which supported 4K. Hence it was clear that there was an impact on the then Apple TV without this feature. However, in their new model, this issue has been taken care of. The new Apple TV supports 4K wherein it covers v2.0 HDMI output. This provides it with an extensive content that can be provided to the viewers.

Apps: Whenever we purchase a new device, the first thing that comes to our mind is what kind of programming can I view without the need for paying the monthly cable bills. Well, there is a lot of stuff to watch out for when you go in for the Apple TV. There are a lot of apps available on the Apple TV such as Youtube or Vimeo. Initially the Apple TV was launched with just few channels but today it has apps ranging till 4 pages so that the viewers have a lot of content to explore. For those of you who would want to go in for top shows or movies can either purchase subscription of Netflix or they would need to purchase those movies or shows from the iTunes app store. This new Apple TV now also provides access to Sling TV.

Dolby Vision HDR: The new Apple TV is not only supporting the HDR10 industry standard HDR format but at the same time it is also supporting the advanced Dolby Vision Format. Hence it allows the TV to handle even the complex picture information. This leads to impressive results for the viewers.

Mirroring of Device:With the help of the wireless technology that is called as Airplay, the Apple TV is able to display the content which is also present on iPad, iPhone or Mac onto your TV screen. Hence this makes it easier to share your content on a big screen if you need to enjoy shows or movies on TV or if you want to show some content to a bigger audience. The old devices do not support this functionality but it is available in the new Apple TV and other devices.

Great picture quality: When we purchase a new viewing device, we expect it to reflect great picture quality. The 4K feature of the new Apple TV itself is one of the best reasons to purchase this device. The picture quality is great and crystal clear. As long as you have a good internet connection and also the show or movie that you are streaming has a good 4K transfer source, you would enjoy the amazing picture quality and also the refinement in colour.

Setting up is easier: Setting up a device may seem to be a tiring or a complex job but when it comes to Apple, things are pretty much easier. It has a special knack of making any thing easier. This means that the viewer can enjoy their favourite shows or movies sooner than expected. The new Apple TV comes along with a guide wherein they have appropriately explained the installation process. You would need to carefully follow the procedure. Another important feature is that if you are already owning any other Apple device such as an iPad or an iPhone then the Apple TV can make use of it for importing the information of the Apple account and also the Wi-Fi settings which are present on that device. This makes the setup of Apple TV much more easier

For those of you who are already making use of any other Apple products or those who have a lot of video related content on the iTunes then it would be recommended to get this Apple TV since the mirroring feature would be of great help. Though they have a lot of apps but still it cannot beat the likes of Amazon Fire or Roku.